The Crone's Nest

Oberon's Virtual Tea Shop

The terrace at The Crone's Nest is as perfect as the morning. Sunlight glints off red and yellow sandstone pavers surrounding a large fountain, set amid a planting of nasturtiums and Mexican sage. The cool plash of water within the terracotta basin prov ides a soothing counterpoint to the wind chimes that hang from the branches of the surrounding trees. Corsican mint and dwarf thyme grow in low, wooly patches between the tiles; their pungent scents, heady and intoxicating, rise from leaves bruised by ca reless footfalls.

A rose covered arbor, and several brightly colored beds of hibiscus, lavender, lantana and ornamental grasses further divide the space into a series of cozy, intimate nooks set about with mosaic topped tables. It is around one of these tables that the women are seated. They sip mocha lattes and drink herbal tea and talk about whatever comes to mind. Business and family. Life and love. Health, wealth and happiness. Serious and inconsequential matters, alike…
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