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Aug. 7th, 2012 @ 08:21 am This Week's Excerpt: Sound of a Voice That is Still
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This week's excerpt is from Sound of a Voice That is Still, book three in the Oberon series. In this scene, Nick is trying to rescue Sam from a flooded canyon.  For more about this series, check out the Oberon website at www.OberonCalifornia.US.  To purchase this book from Amazon click HERE. Also available in paperback.     

 Rain hammered against the SUV’s roof as Nick leaned his arms on the steering wheel and stared out at the muddy, brown water that raged through the canyon.  In the time it had taken him to get to Sam and turn around again, the river had over flown its banks.

            An unbroken expanse of water stretched in front of them now, blocking their way out and trapping them in the canyon.  It was choppy and thick.  Exactly the color and consistency of a chocolate milkshake. 

            The image surprised him, as did the rush of hunger it brought with it.  This was a hell of a time to be thinking about food.

            “What are our odds of our making it out of here now?”  Sam asked.

            Nick glanced across at his passenger and shrugged.  “I dunno.  Not too bad.”  They were not too good, either, if he was going to be honest about it.  But there was no reason Sam had to know that.  Not yet, anyway.  

            “Really,”  Sam muttered dryly, giving Nick the distinct impression that he wasn’t fooled for an instant.

            Well, what had he wanted him to say, Nick wondered, as he shifted his gaze to stare out the window again.  Did Sam really want to hear that all that water out there, thick with silt, might soon be what they’d be trying to breathe through?

            Nick let his eyes wander over the landscape, searching for a way out of their predicament.  Any way at all.

            The canyon wall rose on their left; a bare, yellow rock embankment, too sheer to hold much vegetation, and also far too friable after months of rain, to even attempt to climb.  One misstep and the ground would crumble away beneath them, like a doughnut dunked for too long into coffee.  They’d be pitched headlong into the mud.  Into the water.  Into the churning brown mass that lay ahead, spread out like a lake in front of them.

            Like a gigantic, lake-sized chocolate milkshake.

            Nick shook his head.  Shit.  That was a hell of an image, all right.  And now that he’d thought of it, he couldn’t get it out of his head.  If he made it out of here, when he made it out of here, he’d have to get himself a milkshake--a big one, with whipped cream and a cherry.  And maybe a hamburger, to go along with it.

            There was a diner out on the coast, where he used to take Scout, back when they were first dating, when she was still in her teens.  Usually, they’d both have burgers, and he’d order a beer to go with his, but she’d always order a milkshake.

            He remembered the way she’d toy with the cherry, making him go crazy, without even knowing she was doing it.  And he remembered kissing her afterwards.  Even after all these years, he could still recall how the sweet tastes of chocolate and cherry had mingled in her mouth, and how his body ached to claim her.

            He didn’t guess he’d ever know how he’d found the strength to resist doing just that.  Just like he’d never stop wondering how things might have been different if he hadn’t.

            Scout.  She’d been so young, back then.  Younger than he’d even known.  Just a kid, really.  And he’d always counted it a good thing that he’d had the sense to keep his distance.  But, they’d wasted so much time, because of it.  And now--

            Nick punched the steering wheel with his fist.  Jesus, he had to figure some way out of this mess, and damn quick too!  Because the water was rising with perilous swiftness.  And there was no way he was going to lose everything now--not now, when he was this close to having it all.

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